Debs Candle Scents

Salt City Candle Company is excited to introduce to you a new addition to the Home Party Program. It is called Direct Selling.

It is really quite simple; I pass out special direct sales catalogs anywhere--yes, even out of state! My customers then call and place the order directly with SCC and pays for the order with their credit card. We will fill the order and ship the order directly to them or wherever they would like it sent. Sales tax rate is based on your customer's state sales tax. Shipping & handling is a total of7%.

When my customers call SCC, we will request the distributor's salesperson code or name (Debra Scott (408) 587-6004,, Sales Code: CA-045-02). We can look it up if they only know your name and cannot locate their catalog. Again, not only can you pass these direct sales catalogs out to new and existing customers in your area including craft fairs and trade shows, but you can mail these to your friends and family in any state.

Here are some details about the program (described in catalog):

Candle Club - for a onetime fee (not an annual fee) of$10, your customer will become a member of the Candle Club that entitles them to 10% off all orders and access to special sales.

Kick Backs - on orders that are $250-$499 your customer will receive 5% cash back, plus any two additional items at 50% off. On orders that are $500+ your customer will receive 10% cash back plus any five additional items at 50% off. All orders $75 or over get a free promotional product.

Pricing - slightly different from Home Party. For direct sales, some pricing may be higher or lower than HP pricing. HP pricing will remain the same.

Your customer doesn't have to just order for themselves, they can collect several orders from friends/family and then place one order to earn increased kick backs.

Please take the opportunity to look through the pass these new catalogs immediately and pass it out to your friends and family.